25,000 e-books added to University libraries

Cardiff University is set to embrace the growing trend of an electronic readership with the provisional addition of 25,000 e-books to its Library catalogue.

From March 6th, the electronic books will be available for a trial period through the LibrarySearch catalogue where students can then ‘rent’ the e-books for seven days at no expense to themselves. An e-book rented three times by different users will then be bought by the Library and added permanently to stock.

A capped amount of money has been reserved for this meaning only the most rented e-books will remain available after the trial period, the launch of which coincides with the annual ‘E-Book Week’, running from March 2nd to the 8th, dedicated to encouraging and connecting e-book readers worldwide.

Currently, the Cardiff University LibrarySearch only stocks around 1,000 e-books and so the temporary availability of tens of thousands of electronic books is an opportunity for students to access beneficial resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

A spokeswoman for the University Library said: “We are hoping that this will enable students to find new titles which are not on reading lists but which are still relevant to their studies.”

There has been a 35% increase in e-book purchases in the past year. The number of printed books added to Cardiff University libraries has increased by 20% from the academic year ending 2012 to the academic year ending 2013.

Katie Evans