5 steps to better food storage

By George Watkins

We all love food. We all aren’t keen on mouldy food. We all also don’t like wasting money. We all like handy tips on storing food. No? Just me then.

1. Soggy lettuce? Bring those greens back to life by putting them into a sinkful of iced water and giving them a bit of a shake around for 5-30 minutes.

2. Put a bit of kitchen roll with your salad. As the veggies chill out they produce condensation. Nobody wants moist food.

3. Keep those apples away from other fruit. It’s a life or death situation of sorts. They give out ethylene gas, which is great for potatoes (famously not a fruit), but which isn’t too great for any other fruit.

4. Go freezer mad. Yoghurt, cheese, milk, eggs, bananas and bread are all ok if you cool them down that much.

5. Portion your meat. Packaging individual chicken fillets and the like in separate freezer bags makes it much easier to prepare your meals, not to mention avoiding banging it against the worktop to split them up.


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