5 tenancy rights you need in your life

Credit: Matty Ring

Got a problem with your student house? Wondering if there’s something you can do? Channel your inner Atticus Finch and get down to business with these rights you really should know.

  1. SURPRISE. They can’t turn up out the blue unless they’ve given you 24 hours of notice.
  2. EVERYTHING’S ON FIRE. There has to be at least on smoke alarm per floor. If there’s a fireplace, you need a carbon monoxide detector. If there’s not one, buy it and invoice your landlord.
  3. GET OUT OF MY SWAMP. You can be evicted for being two months or more late on rent, regularly being late with payments, breaching the tenancy agreement, letting the property become unacceptable, causing a nuisance to neighbours or being involved in illegal things.
  4. LEAVE ME ALONE. They aren’t allowed to bully you into leaving, doing things like cutting electricity. It’s considered a crime.
  5. THIEF. Every landlord has to put your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme (government-owned). This protects both sides equally. You could be due compensation if they don’t put your money in one within 30 days of receiving it.

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