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A Weekend with Lorna of Cairo!

Iona Thomas writes

Belly Dancing is a fun, light hearted society aimed at learning the traditional form of dance, Bellydance, music ranging from traditional to modern is used, meaning the moves you learn can be used on any dance floor!

This January, the Belly Dancing Society is proud to announce they will be hosting a weekend event with professional Egyptian belly-dancer Lorna of Cairo! Lorna has been teaching since 1997 and is a world class performer. Living and working in Egypt for the last 10 years has given Lorna first hand experiences of the dance scene and local lifestyles.

From 28th -29th of January, in the Student’s Union, Belly Dance will be hosting an evening event on the Saturday with food and dance, including a show from Lorna where she will be talking about her experiences in Egypt culminating in a performance. On the Sunday, there will be a day full of workshops from Lorna, showing us the ropes of the Egyptian style of this very well-known ancient form of dance. The workshops will be aimed at developing and advancing skills across all aspects of Belly Dance, which will then be used in the society and even in the much anticipated Fringe Festival. Come along and try some exercise in a fun new form!

After a spectacular night at the Winter Showcase, there has been an increase in interest in the Belly Dancing Society. This event is open to all students and public members of all abilities; members and non-members, beginners and advanced alike! This whole weekend event will only cost £30 including four hours of professional teaching and food!

Details to follow soon; just go to the Cardiff University Belly Dance page on or our Facebook page of the same name. Email all questions or queries to or

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