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Alcohol-free pub in Roath

Plans are underway to open Cardiff’s first alcohol free pub, where the only drinks provided will be alcohol free. The revolutionary idea comes from Mr Wynford Ellis Owen and is part of a project to tackle drug and alcohol addiction in the city.
Mr Ellis Owen, 63, is now Chairman of the Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs but fought his own battle with alcoholism for most of his adult life. His aim is to create a venue in the capital for families, under 18s and people who don’t drink alcohol.
“When things like the rugby are on, it’s synonymous with drinking but there is nowhere for people to go who want to watch it in a communal setting but who don’t drink.” said Mr Owen. “Things are in the early stages but it will be a pub with all the amenities that other pubs have but without the booze.”
The profits generated from the pub would go to The Living Room, a Cardiff-based charity for people with alcohol, drug and other dependencies. The centre in Roath has treated more than 200 patients since opening 14 months ago, in addition to organising retreats and support for the patients’ families. It is run by a team of staff and volunteers.
Plans for the pub are still in their early stages, and Mr Owen conceded that although he has the idea, he is still in talks about funding and is yet to find the right venue.
The UK’s first alcohol-free pub, The Halal Inn, opened in Oldham in 2008, and was targeted at the male Islamic community. If Mr Owen’s plans are successful, Cardiff could become one of just a handful of cities in the UK to have followed suit.

Ellie Woodruff
News Writer