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What happens when you reach the end of your course? You’ll be happy to see that done and dusted, graduating with a black cap atop your head and your smiling parents flanking you for photos. What of the friends you’ve made in societies though? You may already have noticed those amongst you, who might not turn up that often but everyone’s happy to see them when they do. These are the alumni members.

Currently associate membership of the guild will set you back £30. However, there is an element of bureaucracy to it- as described by Lamorna Hooker, future VP Societies, in our interview last week:

A lot of people won’t have a job straight away after they graduate so it’s useful to have a cheaper fee. It’s quite hard to get alumni membership currently, you need to come in to the Union and prove you’re alumni with a graduation certificate. I want to see if it’s possible just to use your old student number. Also, if people are working- the finance desk is only open until four, so how will they come in?

Going from Lamorna’s statements, it might be worth graduates’ while holding off on buying membership until September, as the price may drop.

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