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All the joys of JOMEC

Temi, society president for JOMEC (Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies school society) tells us about the good work they do for their students.

Journalism students have a lot on their plate. We may not have the busiest course, but we’re looking to go into an industry with an uncertain future. The JOMEC society is here to help you attain your goals of a position in the journalism, advertising or PR industries as well as a social side and plenty of support for your degree. Working alongside the JOMEC school, we organise career developing workshop and trip. In the past, the society has led expeditions to such far-flung locations as Amsterdam alongside such on point industry visits as BBC News studios in Llandaff and London. There are also regular talks organized from industry specialists such as the Daily Mail’s Political editor, Andrew Pierce, a talk which members thoroughly enjoyed.

This Christmas, will we will be holding our charity social in aid of two amazing charities; INSI and Dreams & Wishes. INSI a charity that helps to support and train journalists’ cover stories in conflicted countries and teaches them how to keep safe and create a culture of safety in the media in areas of conflict and transition around the world. Whilst Dreams & Wishes is a local charity based in the Health Hospital; they are dedicated to helping seriously ill children by making their dreams and wishes come true. We have several events planned before the night to help raise money for these charities, including a netball match between the JOMEC Football and JOMEC Netball team. For more information of the society and our Christmas social, visit our Facebook page.

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