Athletic Union Fayre proves a great success

The Athletic Union Fayre was an overwhelming success, according to AU President Cari Davies.

She said, “Everyone was friendly and energetic all day, which made the whole Fayre really engaging. All those who volunteered their time manning the stalls should be extremely proud.”

The event took place in the Great Hall of the Union as part of the week-long Freshers’ Fayres, which also included days for local and national companies as well as societies. Students were able to chat to representatives from various sports and activities.

Record numbers of people signed up to athletic societies, an increase of six per cent on the previous year. The revenue generated from the Athletic Union Fayre reached £69,446. This figure represents an increase of £2,269 on last year’s takings.

Aside from the financial achievement, Davies stressed the importance of the Fayre, saying, “it means more people are getting involved and playing sport – that is a huge success in itself.”

Tom Eden