Blazing in Roath: Police uncover cannabis factory

A cannabis farm has been uncovered in the student area Roath, after fire services were called to the property on Arran Road.

Four fire engines were called to the scene at 10am on Tuesday, February 10th after artificial lighting equipment used to grow the drugs allegedly started the blaze.

Local residents reported smoke coming out of windows of the second floor of the building. As a result, firemen were forced to break entry into the property to control the fire.

According to eyewitnesses, police vans quickly arrived at the scene and were seen to remove the cannabis plants and equipment used to grow the drugs.

It has been confirmed by fire services that there were no casualties caused by the incident and that all persons have been accounted for.

According to one third year student living in Roath, the discovery is a reflection of a growing drug problem in the area.

The discovery follows after Gair Rhydd reported in December that three cannabis factories were uncovered by police raids in close proximity to the Student’s Union.

A drug factory was also discovered after a fire broke out on Crwys Road in Cathays in November.

Authorities have linked the prevalence of drug factories in Cathays and Roath to the cheap cost of student accommodation, in addition to minimal interference from landlords and neighbouring students.