Boost your CV with the Skills Development Service

Lacking employability? Struggling with confidence? Needing leadership skills? The Skills Development Service can help you improve all of these areas with courses that will boost any CV.

The Skills Development Service (SDS) give you the opportunity to make your CV stand out when applying to any job. They aim to build your confidence, improve transferable skills and increase your employability potential. They provide courses that will award you with certificates that will be highly regarded by employers – the complete package for a platinum CV. The professional services firm PwC are also involved with the SDS, so you’re guaranteed to gain a great experience.

The courses are broken down into three main areas. The Certificate of Professional Development provides training in communication, personal effectiveness and leadership. The end certificate is achieved by attending five two-hour sessions under of the areas, and is signed by the Vice-Chancellor and the President of the student’s union. Perhaps you want to improve your speaking and presenting skills, work on your stress management or develop your assertiveness as a leader – the wide range of sessions available means there is something for everyone.

Another main area are the additional sessions to help your confidence and employability. There are several one and two-hour sessions to improve a variety of issues you may be facing, such as a CV and cover letter help session, information on how to gain work experience and internships, surviving exam anxieties as well as advice on keeping your finances safe.

The final main are the externally-accredited courses, such as an emergency first aid course, a British Sign Language course and a STEPS to Excellence for Personal Success course, run by the Pacific Institute.

Students are able to enrol on the courses at any time. The Certificate of Professional Development course can be completed over several terms as they repeat the sessions each term, you just have to have time to fit in all five units. Students have to book onto these courses and booking in advance is recommended, especially for the externally-accredited courses as they are less frequent. They are also working to develop some courses that offer a more ‘bespoke’ group of skills for students with specific career goals.

Enhancing your CV with these courses could be a vital part of getting a job after you graduate as they give you additional skills and qualifications that will make you look employee-ready. Last year they engaged with 2,120 individual students, so join all the people smart enough to plan ahead.

To book onto any of the internal courses, click here and email to gain a place on the externally-accredited courses. Visit their website here for extra information on the courses and the sessions that they provide.

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