Campaign videos: The best and worst

By now, you most likely have already seen the multimedia offerings from this year’s Union election hopefuls. As 2015’s week of campaigning draws to a close, Gair Rhydd Digital takes a look back on some of best and worst videos of years gone by.

If all else fails, take your clothes off.

Campaigning for VP Media & Marketing, Tom Eden decided to get naked while reading his policies. The pun is Eden – like Garden of Eden. Good stuff. One can only commend his bravery as he undresses in various locations across the campus however. I do hope it was a closed set…

It was probably better in his imagination…

Candidate for societies and campaigns ‘Baker’ wasn’t amazing at singing, but he can’t be faulted for his style. With teams of students in chef hats and the sheer ridiculousness of the video, they certainly gain the giggle-factor.

Uninformed celebrity endorsements: how we democracy.

Some candidates resorted to celebrity endorsement, as Peter Capaldi was spotted while filming Doctor Who.

Channel 5 budget cuts affect kid’s TV favourite:

Barney the Dinosaur, currently a candidate for SU President, has had his video from last year dug up! His costume looks fairly familiar, we only hope it has had a bit of a wash between campaigns.

How many cows had to die for this?

This video seems to be implying that milk can fix all problems. The acting is questionable, the point has been lost a little bit, but who doesn’t love to see a row of strangers get drenched in milk by ‘Hayden the milk maiden’

We’re not saying this video led to the Internal Affairs position being removed, but we’re not not saying it didn’t either.

Theres definitely a lot of wiggling in 2012 Union Development Officer Candidate Cieren Gandhi’s campaign video. If you like to watch men is togas running amock around the SU, this is the video for you.


He didn’t even pronounce Gair Rhydd correctly. This campaign was dead before it even started. Someone should have spiked this video. He should have cut the serial killer pun…

Pick a gimmick.

This is what happens when you just can’t decide on a gimmick to run with. Note the unfortunate placement of the mirror in the opening shot. Does Hulk-butt breach YouTube’s terms of use?

Free magic carpets for all!

This video is actually really good. A strange blend of humour (indeed featuring the great Robin Williams) and homeless people. If you had to have a Disney character running welfare policy – you’d want it to be this one.

Make it stop.

Everything about this is just uncomfortable. It’s upsetting to think this happened just two years ago. There will be a time when it becomes old enough to be charming, but now is not that time. We should fear it.

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