Cannabis farm discovered in Cathays

A house in Cathays was raided on March 30th and discovered to have been harbouring a Cannabis factory with hundreds of mature plants worth half a million pounds.

The raid, carried out on late Saturday night and into Sunday morning, took place on Gordon Road, near Richmond Road, a heavily-populated student area. Neighbours  speculated that the house belonged to an elderly woman who remains unidentified.

The raid was launched when susupicions were aroused amongst neighbours, who were Cardiff students and wish to remain anonymous. They said they ‘smelt what they thought may have been a gas leak’ coming from the property. After calling a gas man who inspected the house the police were called and subsequently broke down the door to make the discovery.

The findings are not uncommon in the Cathays and Roath area. Last October police arrested 46 suspected drug dealers as part of a joint operation to reduce crime in Cardiff. Dubbed ‘Operation Foxtrot’, 40 men, four women and two juveniles aged between 16-55 were arrested over a three week period.

The police said the operation involved “taking drugs off our street, putting the dealers in prison, cleaning areas where drug deals have taken place, and providing support to drug users.”

In 2009 the police had launched a similar operation in an attempt to clear Cardiff of Class A drugs. In that operation, more than 27 suspected dealers were arrested in a two week operation resulting in a total of 133 drug related charges.

The police released this official statement on the recent incident on April 3rd: “At around 10pm on Sunday, March 30 South Wales Police was contacted by a member of the public concerned about the smell of gas in Gordon Road.

Officers attended and entered a property which was found to be a cannabis factory. Numerous rooms over three floors were filled with mature cannabis plants.

Representatives from gas and electricity companies attended to make the property safe.

No-one was present and there have been no arrests. An investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact South Wales Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 1400107833.”

Max Eshraghi