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Capoeira Society: Get ready to get hooked!

Cardiff University Capoeira Society is unique, and our membership is made up of people of different ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles. What we have in common is an interest in Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial art, dance, acrobatics and music. It is ‘played’ between to people in a Roda (capoeira circle), it is simultaneously a game, a dance, and a fight.

The game (or jogo) is played to live musical accompaniment, and a physical dialogue takes place between the two players. It is difficult to define a capoeira game as it involves many different elements, and these can be affected by the interaction between the players, the speed of the music, and the atmosphere of the Roda.

Capoeira is a great physical workout, during a two hour session you can expect to work on flexibility, strength and balance. It also builds awareness, of your body and your surroundings. Capoeira is not played on your own, so you learn to be constantly aware of your opponent’s position in the Roda. You will also improve your musical ability, Capoeira is played to music and there is always an opportunity to learn new rhythms and instruments. Songs are sung in Brazilian Portuguese and are quite beautiful.

Our teacher is the experienced Contra Mestre Claudio Campos. Claudio is from Brazilia, DF, and has been teaching Capoeira in the UK for over ten years. He has a deep understanding of Capoeira and its music. His philosophy is generous and inclusive, and he is always happy to share his experience.

We have a number of regular events that the society performs at these include Go – Global and Cardiff Mass carnival. In addition we have a number of extra activities that take place throughout the year. There is a social Roda once a month, where students are invited to come and train their movements, play capoeira and music. These events are usually free and take place outside if the weather permits, we round off the afternoon by going for some food together.

Fast approaching is our winter capoeira festival, taking place at Talybont sports centre on Friday 27th November. The festival takes place twice a year, and is a great opportunity to learn new movements and songs from visiting teachers, and to experience a concentrated dose of Brazilian culture. The festival has a great party with live Samba and Forro bands. Not to be missed!

We train twice a week: Wednesdays 8-10pm in NoFitState rehearsal studio and Friday 8.00-10.00pm in Talybont Sports Centre, for £4 per class for students.

No pre-training is required to attend the classes, they are for absolutely all levels of ability. So come along, bring a friend, wear something comfortable to move around in and get ready to get hooked on this amazing activity!

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