Cardiff fancy dress shop criticised for Rolf Harris costume

A Cardiff fancy dress shop has a costume of convicted paedophile Rolf Harris for hire.

Script to Screen, on Colchester Avenue, supplies costumes for corporate events, fancy dress, murder mysteries, school productions as well as TV, film and theatre productions.

The costume, which consists of a black wig and beard, yellow trousers, a flamboyantly colourful shirt and glasses, is currently on sale through its website for £23.50, which is half of its normal price. It has been suggested that it is likely to infuriate many of his victims.

As well as this potentially offensive item, Script to Screen say they provide a variety of other costumes including a £29.50 ‘Nazi SS get-up’ it describes as a “good Hitler costume” and a ‘fat stripper’ outfit.

A spokesman for Script to Screen said: “It’s [the Rolf Harris costume] not really a Halloween costume. People just come in and want different things. Someone wanted a Jimmy Savile costume before.

“If people want things we just put them together. This time of year people usually go more for ghouls and ghosts and original orange and black costumes”.

The company also makes mascots for the sport and leisure industry, including kangaroos and koalas for the Walkabout group, and bespoke costumes for entertainers and individuals, which apparently includes Harris and former DJ and presenter Savile.

Harris, 84, was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault against underage girls by a jury in July 2014. The veteran entertainer is currently serving a five years and nine months jail term for his crimes.

In a further statement given exclusively to Gair Rhydd, Script to Screen’s spokesman added “It [the Rolf Harris costume] has been deleted as we do not wish to cause offence to anyone.

“It was there from the days when he headlined at Glastonbury but hasn’t been hired for ages.

“Regarding the reference to Nazi costumes, we provide costumes for musicals and as these are integral to the plot of the Sound of Music we need to keep them in stock for this.

“We like to provide costumes to make people happy and to help them create a look required for their production. Once again I would like to stress that we apologise if we have offended anyone.”

This isn’t the first time using the former TV presenter’s look, which was a mainstay of British television for six decades, has caused outrage.

In September 2014, two players at Australian Rules team Melbourne Demons sparked fury after dressing as both Harris and a young girl during their team’s “Mad Monday” celebrations.

In a worrying trend, this year saw social media inundated with a spate of shocking Halloween costumes, including one of a ‘dead Cilla Black’, Caitlyn Jenner, Cecil the Lion’s killer Walter Palmer, and even a ‘Syrian refugee mother’ holding a baby.