Cardiff-based student gets song sent to International Space Station

International Space Station: Sally Robinson's song was sent into space. Source: NASA Johnson (via Flickr)
Bath Spa University student Sally Robinson, from Cardiff, recently had one of her songs beamed through space, and played on the International Space Station

By Gracie Richards | Contributor

“It was the coolest email I will ever receive.” 

Sally Robinson, the twenty-two-year-old singer-songwriter from Cornwall had her newly released song ‘Moonlit skies’ beamed to the International Space Station after contacting the retired astronaut, Scott Kelly. 

The single, which is one of eight songs to be released as part of her project ‘A sides B sides’ was beamed into space shortly after its initial release. The project ‘A sides B sides’ is based around the four elements, Earth, Wind, Air and Fire, making it the perfect song to be shared to the International Space Station.

Commercial music student Sally, who studies at Bath Spa University and lives with her parents in Cardiff, single-handedly produced the song and is in the midst of planning her next steps of the project.

The track, paired with ‘Moonlit skies’ and ‘Leaves in the light’ has also been played in polar research facilities, as well as in other space stations.

Musician Sally hopes that her second pair of songs, ‘Representing Earth’ will be sent to deserts and rainforests around the world, with the third pair of songs hopefully being sent to Volcanoes.

She hopes the fourth pair of songs might be played on research boats across the globe.

Sending songs to space

According to Sally, the process of getting the songs sent to space is very short.

She tells Gair Rhydd her main process was to “try and find scientists’ addresses, hope they reply and are happy to hear from someone who isn’t looking for a job!”

The singer tells us that whilst studying, she takes comfort in her songs travelling across the globe, “While I’m stuck at home my music is traveling around the world, I want to see how far it can go.” 

Robinson notes that her degree in commercial music made the project possible after “having to only think about music for three years.” 

Her success means that she is hoping to release more songs in the future, in particular songs looking at mental health.

All of Sally Robinson’s songs are released on all streaming platforms, with the next set of songs to be released on April 27, coinciding with the next full moon.

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