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Pro-EU campaign launches on campus!

By Jake Smith

Cardiff University Students For Europe is a new society for all students who support the campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union in the upcoming referendum. We’re for all students who believe Britain must be at the heart of Europe, regardless of which party you support or even if you’re not normally involved with politics.

We’re a society that focuses on students’ issues because we know students benefit greatly from being in the EU. Over 200,000 students have benefited from life changing experiences studying abroad with the EU’s Erasmus programme. Hundreds of thousands of students have been able to work in Europe visa free because of EU free movement. UK universities including Cardiff University are able to undertake world leading research thanks to research funds from the EU, worth close to a billion pounds every year. Students have a lot at stake in this referendum but being in Europe is vital for Britain’s economy and place in the world as well. Over 3 million UK jobs are linked with our trade with the EU and British businesses benefit from being part of a single market of over 500 million people. We can be proud that we have built peace and union in a continent twice torn apart by war in the last century. Current international challenges from terrorism to climate change require Britain to lead in the EU, working with our European friends and allies. That’s why Britain must remain inside the European Union.

We’d love to get as many students as possible involved with the pro-EU campaign. In the coming weeks and months until voting on June 23rd we will be campaigning around campus, holding socials and hosting guest speakers and working with the pro-EU campaign in Cardiff to ensure our city votes to remain in Europe. To get involved you can like our page “Cardiff University Students for Europe” on Facebook, join our society for £2 on the SU website or email There’s a lot at stake in this referendum, and a lot to do before polling day in June. Join us in campaigning for an open, tolerant and hopeful Britain at the heart of Europe.

-Jake Smith, Vice President of Cardiff Students For Europe.

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