Cardiff Students’ Union’s new approach to Freshers 2020

With Freshers' Week around the corner, what kind of changes are Cardiff Students' Union making to ensure students enjoy Freshers but still stay safe?

By Tirion Davies

Freshers’ Week is a staple at most universities across the UK. Students returning to Cardiff University, or those starting their first year in September, will be eager to know how Freshers’ Week will work this year.

With social distancing measures in place, and the requirement to wear face coverings in populated spaces, the club nights many are used to would be hard to justify. What will happen to Freshers’ Week this year?

Cardiff University Students’ Union has recently announced it will follow a new approach when it comes to Freshers’ Week 2020, in order to comply with government guidance.

So what kind of changes will be made?

Ensuring safety 

Freshers’ Week 2020 at Cardiff University Students’ Union will see the usual week of activities spread over a period of four weeks, with activities taking a new form.

Although the SU has said they can’t promise club nights which may last well into the early hours of the morning, they are still hoping to offer as much as they can to students hoping to still enjoy Freshers.

With food and drink still available, the Students’ Union is hoping to find new ways of helping students get to know their flatmates, where safety can be assured at all times.

The Students’ Union will soon be releasing a number of “house rules” which would be worth getting familiar with ahead of your departure to Cardiff!

 Online events?

Many students will still be apprehensive about going to in-person events.

 Although safety measures will be ensured, some who have been shielding, or who are anxious will still want to avoid those situations for just a bit longer. 

Thankfully, Cardiff University Students’ Union is aware of this, and is more than happy to accommodate!

A number of online events will be introduced during Freshers’ Week to make sure the Students’ Union has every student making the most of the week. Zoom calls will be available for events, and for those who would rather avoid any kind of face-to-face contact for safety!

What about the restrictions?

 COVID-19 restrictions are, of course, applicable all over Wales at the moment. But with the infection rate fluctuating daily, it’s worth noting that the changes made to Freshers’ Week which include in-person events are subject to change.

Though we hope infection rates will decrease and that restrictions will ease, it’s always worth remembering that Cardiff University Students’ Union will need to work with government guidelines to make sure safety is ensured for all staff and students. 

Whatever happens, come September, the Students’ Union has promised Freshers’ Week events will take place at some point – though the plans may need to be put on ice if restrictions do change. 

Freshers’ Week is all about experiencing the city you’re living in and making the most of your surroundings.

Even if Freshers’ Week will be different this year, there will still be the opportunity to meet new people and try new things – even if it’s over zoom!

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