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Cardiff University Ladies Football raise money for Kenyan orphanage

For the past month the members of Cardiff University Ladies Football Club have been raising money for charity. The club has managed to raise £250 for the St. Jerome’s Children’s Home in Nakuru, Kenya.

The charity revolves around a centre aiming to nurture and care for orphans in Kenya by improving their access to basic needs. Orphans are given education and provided with health care as well as a safe and secure environment.

Since its construction in May 2009, the home has cared for twenty children who all rely on sponsorship. Six trustees who are all under the age of 23 run the charity and they employ six staff members to work in the centre.

Hazel Preston, captain of the Cardiff University Ladies Football Seconds, is one of these six trustees and the charity means a great deal to her. It is something she feels very passionate about and this made the incentive to raise money for the charity even more important to the club.

The club raised the money through using ‘football cards’.  These cards had  different clubs on them and participants were asked to write their name next to a team, and give a pound to the cause. When the thirty squares were complete, a box at the top of the card was scratched off. This then revealed a team name and the person’s name against the team on the grid won ten pounds, with the remaining 20 for each card going to St. Jerome’s.

Preston said, “the money raised will go towards helping to maintain the home as well as providing more fruit and meat into the children’s weekly diet.”

The Seconds’ captain also explains how in “the summer of this year they will be building a whole new centre which will cater for a greater number of children.”

The money raised by the ladies football club will really make a difference to the home and help with the charity’s vision to help as many orphans as possible. The ladies feel proud with what they have achieved and hope to raise more money for charity in the future.

Abi Smyth

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