Cardiff University ranked lowest amongst Russell Group for Sexual Health Services

In a recent study Cardiff University was ranked worst in the UK for providing sexual health services for students. The Sexual Health Report Card for 2014 was released by the Superdrug Online Doctor Team.

The study looked at all Russell Group universities, using web research, mystery shoppers, and welfare officer surveys to determine which university had the best and worst services in regards to sexual health available to students.

The survey studied subjects such as sexual health information on campus or online, quality of family planning clinics, and sexual assault services.

Cardiff was the only university to not make at least a 3rd, earning a low score of 38 per cent. The best scorer on the Report Card was Bristol University with 80 per cent, or a 1st.

Cardiff’s lowest grade was in Sexual Health Events and STI Testing, receiving a grade of E.

This is not the first time that the sexual health services at Cardiff University have been criticised. A similar survey carried out by in February 2013 also ranked Cardiff lowest out of all Russell Group universities.

In response to the survey in 2013, the student led Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG) has been trying to improve sexual health provision.

They currently have emergency advice on their website and condom handouts where they distribute condoms and information on sexual health at events outside the student union.

The Cardiff University Occupational Health Centre currently has all of its services under review, and is trying to improve several services, including the sexual health services it provides.

Both SHAG and the Occupational Health Centre are making an effort to help Cardiff University score higher on next year’s report card.

Sarah Hazelwood