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Cardiff Volunteering go Blind Bowling!

Last Thursday Cardiff Volunteering teamed up with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to host a Blind Bowling Give It A Go event. The evening started at RNIB’s offices where students met up with some lovely people with a range of visual impairments (and their guide dogs) who explained their respective conditions and how they cope with them.

We were shown some intriguing devices that made life easier and safer – including a gadget that sits on a cup and makes a noise when the level of liquid reaches an optimum level, and a device that vibrates a certain number of times to let you know whether you are holding a £5, £10, £20 or £50 note!

RNIB staff then gave us a lesson in ‘sighted guiding’ which enabled students to assist those with visual impairments as we all walked over to Superbowl for a game of bowling. On route to the bowling one of our students discovered firsthand the joys of owning a guide dog, when James (the dog, NOT the student) decided he needed to relieve himself of a rather heavy load! Ten minutes and three poop scoop bags later we were on our way again.

Upon arrival, we mixed the teams up and made all the students wear a variety of specially adapted glasses that simulated various sight-loss conditions while attempting to play a game of bowling. It really didn’t matter what the ultimate scores were, or who won on each lane, because everyone had a brilliant time! It was so successful that we intend to do it all again in the not-too-distant future so be sure to book your space on the next one!

All the students were brilliant, and helped give the RNIB clients a night to remember, but a special commendation goes to Simranjit Cheema for her fantastic interpersonal skills with the clients. Our first ever ‘Volunteer of the Week’ award goes to Andreas Charalambous who showed exceptional kindness and empathy to Sarah and gave her assistance throughout the evening – she was very grateful and we were very impressed – well done Andreas, you did yourself, Cardiff Volunteering and the University proud!

Stay tuned for more information about an exciting new project we are developing with the RNIB.

– Rachel Jones

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