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Cardiff Volunteering: JAILBREAK

For those of you who don’t know (and if you don’t, I have no idea where you have been for the last 3 months), Jailbreak is a major event in the student calendar. The general idea is that you are in teams of 3-4 and you have 52 hours to get as far away from Cardiff (and back!) as possible. The catch? You are not allowed to spend any money on travel. You’ll have to beg, borrow (we don’t advise stealing) and charm your way onto flights, ferries and coaches.

Last year, the team that made it the furthest and back got to Rome. Another got to Barcelona, but failed to return to base within the allocated time. Creativity and endurance will be rewarded, here at Cardiff Volunteering, we want to see the wildest and wackiest ways you can get across the world.

At Cardiff University, we don’t like to be outdone. Previous Jailbreak teams from other Universities have made it to Israel, Tokyo, LA and Australia. Don’t believe us? Google it. Are you up for the challenge? Think you can outdo Oxford or Warwick? Then this is the competition for you.

Jailbreak 2016 will be happening Friday 4th March – Sunday 6th March. You need to be in teams of 3-4 of which at least 1 person must be a Cardiff University student (so you can have a team with siblings, partners, and other university members for example. You could even bring your nan!). All team members must be 18 by the 4th of March, no exceptions. Tickets are £15 and there is a minimum sponsorship of £50.

The ABSOLUTE final information talk is happening this Tuesday (1st March at 6pm in 4G). We have over 20 team signed up currently, and we are expecting it to be a very well fought competition. We have over 15 prizes for various different categories (including most money raised, best fancy dress and the winning team) plus a few surprises along the way!

Part of a sports team or society? This will count as one of your volunteering activities with Cardiff Volunteering for the tiering system, plus your fundraising option! (You need to do 1 a year for silver, 1 a term for gold). If you are part of the Cardiff Award, this event counts as 52 hours towards your hours, so is an amazing way to tick off a large chunk.

More of a homebird? Not to worry, we have plenty of opportunities to get involved at basecamp here in Cardiff. If you can volunteer your time, please email us!

If you’ve got any questions, email us at, call us on 02920 781494 or message us on facebook (Cardiff Volunteering).

You can purchase tickets and see the terms and conditions by heading to

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