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Now recruiting: lead volunteers

We are now accepting applications for lead volunteers for the following academic year (2016-2017). Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider being a lead volunteer!

  1. Gain Leadership Experience: Being a lead volunteer gives you additional responsibility to being a general volunteer. You’ll be in charge of a team of volunteers who will rely on you to ensure the project runs smoothly. You’ll be involved in all stages of the recruitment and management of these volunteers! You’ll also have the opportunity to be more involved with our charity, and can help make decisions about the future direction of your project, alongside the day to day running such as what activities you will be doing each week!

  2. Complete accredited training: All of our lead volunteers receive a Certificate of Personal Development following 10 hours of bespoke training. You’ll complete sessions in “leadership styles”, “leadership in difficult situations”, “motivation”, “problem solving” and “speaking and presenting”. These are all great sessions run by our friends in the Skills Development Service. The sessions will help prepare and support you throughout the year, but are also great standalone sessions to include on your CV! They show employers you are proactive in your learning and development!

  3. Develop a variety of skills: We could talk for hours about all the different skills you will develop by being a lead volunteer, and by the end of the year, you’ll be able to too! You will be able to evidence fabulous organisation skills, communication with students/staff and external organisations, time management (especially if you’re a final year!) commercial awareness… the list goes on! Your teamwork will no doubt increase massively, as you’ll be able to talk about your volunteer team, your lead volunteer team and working as a team with members of staff – plenty to talk about in any interviews you may have. Cardiff Award students, can you see how it’s a perfect opportunity for you yet?

  4. Get work experience: many of you may be starting to think about future career paths following university. Taking an active role on a project that’s linked to your plans after uni, such as working with children, those with disabilities, the elderly or even sports will help you test the waters, find out if that’s definitely the area you want to go into and give you first hand experiences that will help give you the edge over other candidates.

  5. Meet new people + give back: It may be cheesy but it’s true. You’ll get to meet likeminded people both on your project and other projects, and help give back to the local Cardiff community. Volunteering is very rewarding and we challenge you not to have fun!

For more information on being a lead volunteer, please visit our website over at, or email us at with any questions you may have!

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