Cardiff’s week of RAG

 On each day of the week, a different event will take place to raise as much money as possible, which will be divided between four chosen charities.

Raise and Give (RAG) is a charitable society in the majority of universities nationwide. RAG raises money throughout the year in a variety of ways, from smaller collections at events, to weekends of team challenges. ‘RAG Week’ is the most prominent event on the RAG calendar.

The four charities that have been nominated to receive donations this year are Ty Hafan, Refuge, MS and Nightline. Ty Hafan focuses on life-limited children in Wales; Refuge, tackles domestic violence and support for abused women; MS focuses on all levels of support for sufferers of MS and finally, Nightline is a confidential listening service for students in need.

‘RAG Week’ begins officially on Monday 12th. On Day 1, RAG will bring ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’ to CF10 in Cardiff SU, for £3 a ticket. Day 2 will host three events. During the day at 12pm, the Hindu Society will entertain with food, music and a trip to a local temple.

In the evening there will be a three-legged-race from the Union to the Bay at 7pm, and the Ultimate Pub Quiz at The Vulcan, at 7.30pm. Day 3 takes RAG to The Lash at 10pm for competitions and dancing, before Day 4 hosts the perfect hangover cure, Student Vs. Food. Food will be provided by Queen Street Pizza Hut.

The penultimate event on Friday is “Clowning”. This involves secretly nominating someone who will be followed by a clown all day, who will only stop following the nominated person when a charitable donation of £20 is made.

Also taking place on Friday, at 3pm, in the Taf, is the Raffle. Wristbands for entry will cost only £1. It will be drawn at 3pm and there will be the chance to win £1000.

Saturday is the main event and finale of RAG Week; LOST! This involves being dropped at a secret UK location and racing back to the SU in time for Comeplay in the evening.

The RAG Committee are still keen for volunteers and participants so get in touch if you are interested, find them on Facebook, and enjoy the fun fundraising.

Emma-Louise Pritchard

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