Cathays street reopened following armed police seige

Monthermer Road, Cathays, has been reopened following a lockdown by armed police. Armed police laid siege to a property on the street in the early hours of Saturday morning; the police arrested a person whose alleged crime is unknown to the press.

A house was cordoned off bringing several streets to a standstill, disrupting traffic and restricting the movements of residents.

South Wales Police were well-prepared, with armed officers, three armed cars and a helicopter. Despite one officer sustaining minor injuries, these efforts appeared to have cooled the situation by the afternoon, when the street reopened.

Since then, one of the occupants of the house has commented on what transpired last Saturday. The unnamed resident of the house in question spoke of his housemate, who was said to be the chief focus of the investigations. He recalls that, at “about 7:30 on Saturday one police officer went to [the suspect’s] room, and there was an argument. [The suspect] hurt the officer, took his radio and then ran.”

For legal reasons, nothing can be revealed about the identity of the person in question. The armed police siege started shortly after this argument and appears to have been directly provoked by the confrontation between his housemate and the officer.

The police have released a statement of their account of the day’s events.  They confirmed that ‘South Wales Police officers attended an address in Monthermer Road, Cardiff just before 8:30am on Saturday 5th October in relation to a wanted person enquiry’ The success of this operation is unclear, ‘as investigations into the matter are continuing.’ The statement also said that ‘armed police were deployed to ensure the safety of the public and officers in the area while an officer sustained minor injuries to his arms during the incident.’

Residents in the Cathays area have been left in the dark about the events since they occurred. Cardiff University student Jaysel Katario, who resides on Monthermer Road, found himself outside the cordon, and said that ‘the police wouldn’t give any information.’ He did attempt to get to a convenience store on the other side of the cordon, but was told to go back for his own safety.

Until police investigations are concluded, the full details of the incident will be unclear.

Michael Arnott
– News Writer