Changing Modules

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Not happy with your choices?

by George Watkins

It doesn’t feel good sitting in lectures and realising that you hate the module you’re studying. Thankfully January is a good time to swap around if you find out that you aren’t actually too keen on that obscure dense Philosophy module you thought you’d enjoy.

First of all, it varies by school how long you are allowed to have before they shut the door on any transfers. It will probably be until some time in February, but you have to make sure that specific ones haven’t shut early thanks to assessments or something else.

Sims is the place where the module magic happens. Log in and you’ll be able to see all the ones you currently are signed up to, and can adjust to ones you feel like (just make sure you check timetables to see that they don’t clash with seminars etc.). This will send a request to the school.

If they say no, then maybe request a list of which modules are still available and pick from them. If you feel like having fewer exams because you’re better at essays, for example, maybe look at how different ones are assessed.

So, to sum up, it varies by school, but you can change modules at the moment as long as they aren’t full and you don’t have a timetable clash.


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