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I’m sure many of you would remember the people who were handing out free hot drinks and cakes outside the law building, inviting you to Lunch Bars with free pizza and talks, and to their evening events at Highfields Church. Why were they doing that? They weren’t selling anything – so why bother brave the wind and rain just to be nice?! That’s just about it – being nice. Spreading positivity and God’s love around campus by being friendly representatives of Christianity in Cardiff. Last week, Christian Unions from across the city came together for Story Cardiff – an events week where people were invited to share their stories, hear the stories of others, and to discover the greatest story – God’s story that we see in the Bible.

Over 500 people were fed at the Lunch Bars in the Students Union, where talks were held addressing key questions often asked about Christianity. The Lunch Bars opened with stories from individual students, of how they became Christians. Then came the talks. On Wednesday Dai Hankey looked at the question Does God Want to Spoil My Fun? He used the illustration of crossing the road with his kids – for them to stay safe he needs them to hold his hand and follow his rules. However, when other kids from his street want to join them, he gives them the choice to follow his rules, but won’t force them. It’s a similar situation with Christianity. Christians should not impose their rules on those who do not follow God – but live them out to be a good example.

The evening events took place at Highfields Church. It was truly beautiful – with fairy lights and picnic benches and cake! And the Hot Chocolate – the Hot Chocolate was amazing! We were welcomed in by local artists playing chilled acoustic sets, and friendly faces ready to chat. These evenings often followed certain themes: The Scientist, The News Presenter, The Doctor, The World Champion, and The Student – where they discussed how faith comes into their lives. For The Scientist, they spoke to a professor of physics at Cardiff University – Emyr MacDonald on whether a Christian world view can run alongside science – which it absolutely can! Another helpful evening looked at suffering: “One thing pain and suffering does do, is show us that something isn’t right… the bible is clear that suffering isn’t a reflection of God, it shows the reflection of a broken relationship” – one which God wants to restore. “Christianity is far more than a spiritual crutch. Jesus is far more than that, he came to bring life. To restore a broken relationship.”

The Christian Unions Events week has been running for the past 6 years – so keep an eye out for it next year! If you attended any of the events and want to know more, or are sad you missed it and want to know more; please get in touch with the Cardiff Christian Union through their Social Media or website

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