Clegg apology auto-tune remix charity single released

The message of Nick Clegg’s apology video has been somewhat overshadowed by the released of the Nick Clegg apology autotune remix.

The video, which remixes the original apology video and turns it into a catchy song, was created by the satirical website, ‘The Poke’. The video has received thousands of views, and has been turned into a single and released for charity on iTunes. Clegg gave his permission for the remix to be made available for purchase.

He has requested all profits be given to the Children’s Hospital Charity in Sheffield, of which his wife, Miriam is a patron.

At the time of writing, it was at 143 in the iTunes chart. The spoof video has actually helped Nick Clegg get his message out there as it has attracted far more attention for the video.

One member of the Liberal Democrats joked that they should get the creators of the spoof to make their next election campaign videos due to its success.

Nick Clegg admitted he found the remix ‘amusing’ as he was forced to watch it on the Andrew Marr show.  He tried to laugh off the video by saying it was catchy.

Helen Louise Cox

Politics editor’s note:

The spoof video has gained far more attention than the original and it is more than likely that it is the remix that people will remember. The release of the spoof has distracted many people from the original message of the video, and those that do remember the video are unlikely to greatly appreciate it as a video, is little help to those that are now bundled with vast student loans. Tweet us your opinions of this – @gairrhyddpol

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