Climate Cymru calls for climate action at the Senedd

Climate Cymru
Climate Cymru ambassadors and partners assembled at the Senedd on Tuesday in a call for climate action. Source: Zoe Kramer

By Zoe Kramer | Head of News

Climate Cymru ambassadors and partners assembled at the Senedd on Tuesday in a call for climate action. 

The event took place at 12 PM on October 19th, giving an opportunity for voices from across Wales to be heard regarding the climate emergency. With the UN Climate Summit (COP26) on the horizon, the speakers placed emphasis on ensuring that Wales has a voice in the upcoming talks. Equally, speakers urged the UK Government as a whole to show leadership during the Summit by making meaningful commitments towards the environment.

Mari McNeill, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru said,“The voices collected by Climate Cymru demonstrate there is real public support for bold climate action here in Wales. We urge the Welsh Government to pick up the gauntlet and publish an ambitious Net Zero plan that is in line with climate science and the principles of justice and responsibility.

“Let’s not waste this crucial opportunity to take action and protect what we love. There are so many things at stake – our lives and livelihoods here in Wales, the future of the rich biodiversity of this fragile planet and the future of those most affected by the climate emergency in the world’s poorest countries who are doing least to cause it.

“We can’t solve the problem when we scratch at the surface. Our emissions targets, for example, are still out of kilter with climate science. We need to urgently up the pace, and move swiftly and deeply, towards the goal of net zero emissions to save lives, livelihoods and our fragile ecosystem.”

The event featured a large heart-shaped ice sculpture, which melted progressively throughout the day. Lit with purple lights, this public spectacle was designed to deliver an impression of impermanence to highlight the time-sensitive nature of the climate issue.

Sam Ward, Campaign Manager for Climate Cymru said,“The ice heart sculpture at the upcoming event is beautiful, and temporary. It will soon melt away. Our window of opportunity for action to protect the things we love is also fleeting and impermanent.

“In a few weeks time world leaders will descend on Glasgow for the UN Climate Talks. Our message to Welsh and UK Government ministers attending COP 26 is this: be bold, show leadership, push for concrete, timely action, inspire, and galvanise others on the world stage. There is a groundswell of public opinion behind you, who want real change.

“From every corner of Wales, and from every walk of life, thousands of people and hundreds of organisations have spoken. They all want the same thing. They want action from our leaders to protect what they love and make a better future for us all.”


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