Consider yourself a feminist?

The events during Women’s Week will give you the opportunity to learn more and get involved in discussions

This year Cardiff SU is hosting it’s first ever Women’s Week as a way of celebrating and recognising the achievements, diversities and issues that women students and women everywhere. They are hosting a variety of events from 4th-8th March for those who consider themselves a feminist, as well as anyone who hasn’t thought much about women’s issues and feminism before. The term ‘feminism’ seems to be largely misunderstood, with many people misinterpreting it to be a one-sided female-orientated movement rather than a way of promoting equality across men and women, ensuring they get equal treatment within society.  These events are aimed at raising awareness of the inequalities currently faced by women and give people a way of discussing and understanding feminist issues.

The events start with the Leadership Styles Workshop on 4th March from 5pm-7pm in the SU. This is a 4-day long leadership course run by the Skills Development Service aimed at women students and delivered by women mentors. The course begins with a session on ‘Leadership Styles’ covering the roles and functions of leadership, the different types of leader and how to develop leadership qualities and characteristics.  The second sessions runs on the 5th March from 5pm-7pm and is aiming to tackle  ‘Leadership in Difficult Situations’ focusing on overcoming interpersonal challenges in a leader role as well as developing effective supervision as a way of helping smooth the transition from team member to team leader. The third session is on the 6th March from 5pm-7pm for ‘Coaching Skills’ to help women to mentor, motivate and inspire others without harming their self-esteem. Sensitivity skills will also be worked on with techniques to show someone that every little effort is significant to a greater achievement. The final day on 7th March from 10am-12pm will be a session on ‘Assertiveness for Leaders’ – an essential skill for leaders. It aims to improve confidence and teaches ways to give opinions in a firm but assertive way. To sign up to the leadership course email A Certificate and qualification will be awarded upon completion, and if you are unable to attend all sessions during that week you can attend them at a later time outside of Women’s Week.

On 4th March from 6pm-8pm there will be a discussion and screening on Cardiff Women in Science and Film. A network of STEM academics and postgraduates based at Cardiff University will host an event for undergraduates to show women’s contribution to science and technology, screening the BBC2 Documentary ‘The Genius of Marie Curie – the women who lit up the world.’

On 6th March from 6pm-7.30pm there will be a ’50:50 Parliament Talk on Gender Inequality in Parliament’ with Frances Scott, the leader of the 50:50 Parliament movement, talking about gender equality in parliament. She will also be discussing why striving for equality and equal representation is so important. The event is open to all and will be particularly interesting for those interested in politics.

A ‘Liberation Panel Talk’ will be held on the 6th March from 7pm-9pm which aims to highlight the issues facing BME, LGBT+ and women with disabilities. The panel speakers will be talking on how issues such as domestic violence effect these groups of women.

The final event for Women’s Week is the Feminist Themed Social on 8th March from 7pm-10pm which also coincides with International Women’s Day. The Cardiff Women’s Association will be celebrating together, with the theme as ‘purple’ as this is the colour of the women’s movement.


To find out more about all the events during Women’s Week visit their page at or check out their Facebook events page at which gives details on each individual event.

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