Crack down on drug ‘delivery’ system

Three drug dealers have been jailed for running a cannabis operation that specialised in delivering directly to customers’ doors.

The men, named as Alimussa Mustafa, 37, Azad Korsheed, 36 and Jutiar Fouad, 38, were sentenced to go to prison for eighteen months, twelve months and fourteen months respectively.

According to Wales Online, the drug dealers, who lived in Bristol, were arrested in November 2014, after targeting areas with a high student population, including Roath and Cathays.

Mustafa had previously appeared before Bristol magistrates for possession of a knife and large amounts of cannabis. He also served in the Kurdish army for two years and suffered mental and physical injuries after being shot several times in the line of duty, a fact Mustafa’s barrister used in his defence during the trial.

Judge Daniel Williams told the defendants: “You were dealing in large amounts to a large number of customers”.

He added: “Your supply service was extremely profitable”.

The sentencing of the three men coincides with a stop and search that occurred on Whitchurch Road, outside the Heath pub in Cathays on Wednesday.

A man was also arrested at the scene on suspicion of a drugs-related crime.

Police, one of whom was armed with a rifle, searched a silver hatchback, reportedly pointing the rifle into the boot as they did so.

They then proceeded to place the contents of the car into evidence bags, before more police officers arrived in the scene.

In yet another drugs-related case, a large number of marijuana plants were found dumped on an industrial estate in South Glamorgan at approximately 10pm on Wednesday night.

According to Wales Online, Cardiff Council was contacted to dispose of the plants on Thursday morning.

The investigation into who was responsible for the dumped plants is ongoing.