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Cupid’s Arrow strikes Cardiff City Centre

Cardiff University’s newly founded Tamil Society was spreading the love on Saturday 15th February 2014 by performing a Valentine’s Day Flashmob at the Cardiff City Centre. This event was specifically organised within a week by the TamilSoc committee as a symbol of what the Society represents; a fun, dynamic and welcoming community.

The performance itself was a clash between Tamil and UK hits, creating a cinematic blend of fusion choreography. During the performance, as well as entertaining a pleasantly surprised audience, the dancers presented the public with heart-shaped balloons and roses. T

he goal was to have an impact by making the day memorable and bringing a smile to people’s faces this Valentine’s Day, St. Valentine himself would’ve been truly impressed and proud of the infectious love that was spread!

“The flashmob was a very rewarding experience, our team’s commitment and hard work has really shone through” the President of TamilSoc Girish Kumar stated, “TamilSoc is aspiring to host lots more events in the near future, portraying a multi-cultural association that welcomes all!”

Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any queries or suggestions. You can now find them on facebook:

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