Daisy Jones & The Six – ‘set to be an Amazon hit show’

Jess Margetson shares her thoughts on the book the series will be set on

Jessica Margetson | Website Editor

Author of six novels, Reid’s 2019 book ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’, is certainly a fan favorite, with its wholly original format, brilliant characterization and compelling rock aesthetic, captivating readers. It’s no surprise that Reese Witherspoon’s production company ‘Hello Sunshine’ swiftly claimed filming rights after it was selected to be the February’19 pick for ‘Reesesbookclub’. Amazon has commissioned a 13-part series based on the book, with the first episode set to release on March 3rd, starring Sam Claflin as tortured musician Billy Dunne and Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keogh as the chaotically beautiful Daisy Jones.

So, what is so gripping about this story?

For starters, the novel is uniquely original, written in the format of a VH1: Behind the Music special, with the identity of the interviewer being revealed in a pretty shocking way. This format was quite unlike any other novel I’ve ever read, narrated in the past tense, it feels like you’re diving deep into a real band’s dramatic history, making for a great audiobook listen by the way! It is written as an interview with various members of the band and those around them, such as managers, producers and even significant others. I found it so clever to read from all the different perspectives and I loved how those viewpoints are slightly altered. Everyone seemed to remember the events leading up to the bands untimely breakup differently, allowing the readers to make their own decision, and believe whichever character they want.

Considering there are seven band members in total and many characters surrounding them, the characterization is absolutely brilliant. Reid ensured that each character had their own unique voice, as she does in all of her novels, meaning I was never once confused about who was who. Taylor Jenkins Reid has a real talent for creating flawed, vulnerable characters that I grow to care for very quickly. For instance, I fell in love with the character Nina in Reid’s 2021 summer novel, ‘Malibu Rising’ as well as the infamous Evelyn Hugo in her 2017 book entitled, ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’. Daisy Jones was no different. Although the character is by no means perfect, I couldn’t help but root for her individual triumphs as well as her success within the band.

It’s a classic story about sex, drugs and rock and roll, illustrating artistic conflicts and romantic struggles during a whirlwind decade. The rise and breakup of this iconic 1970s rock band was inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Reid admits, but what separates Daisy Jones from this legendary band is the unique songs written in the back pages of the novel, allowing readers to imagine the band’s sound in their own way. Songs written by Reid like ‘Midnight’ and ‘Aurora’ are set to be constructed for the show by Bob Dylan, Blake Mills and Phoebe Bridger’s. With this highly anticipated soundtrack fans can expect a rock ‘n’ roll show for the ages.

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