Dancesport foxtrot to finals

On the back of exceptional results at Birmingham University, Dancesport travelled to Bristol for the Southern Friendly dance competition.

After taking a top-10 finish in the beginners’ waltz the previous week, Jonny O’Connell and Alexandra Kinsey upped their game to reach the next milestone of a top-three placing. They were joined in the waltz final by fifth-placed SU President Cari Davies and Becky Lambert.

In the novice ballroom, it was almost déjà vu, with Cardiff dancers once again taking third and fourth places, as Bryn Griffiths and Katie Kelly finished just above Donald Tang and Hannah Garfield.

It was once again the intermediate ballroom in which Cardiff scored top marks, with Laurence Lovell and Bethan Edwards taking first place along with relative newcomers to intermediate level Matt Burgess and Sophie Kendall, who finished in sixth place.

This week saw the debut of Ali Naeem and Sophie Timbers in the advanced category and they secured a second-placed finish ahead of fellow advanced couple Michael Chen and Megan Burns, as well as a second place in the open tango event. The open Viennese waltz also saw a strong Cardiff presence, with three couples in the top 10.

As the Latin events began, the final of the beginners’ competition saw two Elected Officers make the podium in both the cha cha and the jive.  VP Education Ollie Wannell and partner Shani Freeke won the cha cha and placed second in the jive, while Davies finished third in both dances with Lambert.

In the novice cha cha-jive, there was another third place for Griffiths and Kelly and they were again closely followed by another Cardiff couple, as Mo Hamed and Jess Wesley took fourth. These two couples both continued to perform well in the open rumba, finishing third and sixth respectively.

In the main team match, Cardiff A took first place in the quickstep and second place in the waltz and cha cha. Cardiff B followed the A team, taking third in the waltz and  fourth in the quickstep, beating A teams from other universities.

Cardiff missed out on the overall trophy by a single point, as did their beginners team in their team match.

For the first time this year, and possibly the first time ever, the individual events saw Cardiff couples in every single event on offer, including 14 top-three finishes.  The results at this competition are testament to just how much the club has developed over the last couple of years.

Bryn Griffiths


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