Do we still need a Monarchy?

Get Rid! by Sophie Broad.

It was hard to miss the photos released recently for the Queen’s ninetieth birthday, and even the most fervent republican would be lying if they said seeing little Prince George meeting Barack Obama wasn’t even a tiny bit adorable. Yet this is what these pictures are there to do, instil emotion and distract from the fact that the monarchy is an archaic and bizarre institution to still have in the twenty first century.

Most defenders of the monarchy will be quick to remark that that the Queen brings in a lot of money and that tourism would inevitably decline without her. Yet, assuming tourism would slow due to her absence is a groundless argument. It essentially only works on the assumption that people visit royal tourist sites solely because the monarchy is still in existence – France seems to be doing alright. Even still, the most popular tourist spots in the UK last year were mainly museums and attractions with no relation to the monarchy.

Increasingly, having a dislike for the monarchy has become synonymous with being unpatriotic. This became clear after Jeremy Corbyn was widely criticised for not singing the national anthem ‘God Save The Queen’. David Cameron, on the other hand, sings it with pride and he definitely cares more about the country and the British people, right? I wouldn’t call myself particularly patriotic, but a lot of anti-royalists are. We don’t need the monarch to be some sort of figurehead for patriotism. There is so much more to being British than supporting a family who were simply born into an incredibly privileged lifestyle. Why is it deemed unpatriotic to reject an institution that has no control over the welfare of its people? This whole association is wrong and I would argue that tradition isn’t synonymous with good, either.

Abolishing the monarchy would in no way hinder our society, if anything it would prove it to be a progressive one whereby hereditary positions are not regarded as legitimate. The royal family is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, which means they cannot be held accountable or be investigated to see whether they have any degree of political influence. Fundamentally, having a monarch devalues the effort to achieve equality. If we are truly striving to uphold democratic principles in Britain, then abolishing the monarchy and having an elected head of state is a necessary step to take.

Long Live the Queen! by James Lloyd.

I love the Queen. I really do, I think she’s an incredible lady who does so much towards making Britain what it is. My mother and I adore the Royals, unlike my older brother who is the total opposite. Here’s why the Queen is so great and why we should embrace and continue to love the British Monarchy.

The Queen and the rest of the Royal Family really sum up what it’s like to be British – and I’m proud of that. You see Prince Harry endorsing for quality, historic companies like Jaguar and Land Rover. He is also behind the scenes at the Invictus Games (an Olympic style contest for heroes who have been injured in battle), without his Royal status, the Games probably wouldn’t thrive. The Queen’s love for the countryside is stupendous and typifies British culture, she’s 90 and still rides horses – incredible.

From a business point of view, the Monarchy makes British trade thrive. Royal Warrants have been used since the 15th century, which puts a crest on a brand to show what the Queen and other Royals use. Kelloggs and Hellmans mayonnaise are amongst examples of this, which enhances a product’s marketability. According to a BM Magazine survey, 57 per cent of Chinese shoppers are influenced by the Warrant when it comes to buying British lifestyle items. This certification is a major boost when it comes to trade in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States – without it, the British economy would no doubt take a plunge.

A lot of people just assume that the Queen does nothing all day – and they couldn’t be more wrong. She carries out around five appointments a week, sifts through 300 letters a day, attends frequent hospital visits, tours overseas, welcomes high-profile guests to Balmoral and Buckingham Palace, takes the horses out, and if she’s lucky, she can sit down at the end of the day with a cuppa and enjoy Downton Abbey – her favourite show, I might add. She is said to be the hardest working Monarch of all time.

Without the Monarchy, the British and London economy especially would struggle, just think of the amount of tourists who visit the UK to see Buckingham Palace and other Royal establishments. It’s truly astonishing what the Royals do for Britain – and whether if you like it or not, the Queen’s face is likely to be sitting in your pocket right now. And let’s be honest, Christmas Day wouldn’t be what it is without her broadcast – long live the Queen!

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