Dodgy Balls: Game On

By George Watkins

With tensions high, my team, representing the Welfare Executive, stepped into the arena and gazed around us. As it is Mind Your Head Week on campus, Hollie Cooke, our VP Welfare was dressed as an elephant (mental health as the elephant in the room), but there was much more to see. A fluorescent, flamboyant flamingo, a whole team dressed in camouflage gear, packs and all, not to mention the heroic dodgeball warrior playing on crutches. Suddenly the game was on, and with dance music echoing from the corner, balls were flying left, right and centre. Spectators were hit and barriers were knocked over. Nowhere was safe. The roar as one player faced off against a team or went mano a mano against one opponent was electric. I took a healthy smart to the face, as did various other players, but it was worth it, as a competitive edge I hadn’t seen since Sports Day in Year 6 took hold. I was smacking my hand together, shouting, chanting and celebrating whenever the tiniest thing happened. The heat added to the tension, as the teams were whittled down one by one, until finally the victor remained, and it was time for everyone to go home for dinner, spandex and all.