Drug dealer charged with possession of illegal firearms at Students Union

Dominic Campbell has received a double prosecution after being found in possession of an illegal stun gun and CS spray can following his arrest for dealing drugs in Cardiff University’s Students’ Union. Sheffield Crown Court heard how Campbell had turned to drug dealing after being fired from the Sheffield-based firm Independent Forgings and Alloys due to their discovery that he had ordered the stun gun online while at work.

The firm contacted authorities in early December to whom Campbell admitted that he was in possession of defensive weapons, although it was not until a few weeks later on December 29th, during a police crackdown at the Students’ Union, that he was arrested. During trials, prosecuting lawyer Gordon Stables emphasised that this was a ‘deliberate visit to the Students’ Union for the purpose of selling drugs to others.’

Spotted adjusting something in his trouser pocket by a plain clothed police officer, Campbell was immediately taken to be searched and questioned. The police found 109 tablets of BZMP on him and a Class C prohibited stimulant, hidden in a sunglasses case and in his underwear.

When searches were carried out on both his room at the Ibis Hotel in Cardiff and his BMW, a further 426 pills were found alongside a small bag of mephedrone for his own personal use. Further investigation at his home in Rawmarsh, Rotherham revealed a stash of eight ecstasy pills and eight other stimulant tablets. Collectively, the tablets seized from Campbell would have been worth over £5,000 if sold on the streets, and mobile records indicated that he had arranged to pick up 300 BZMP tablets and half an ounce of a drug similar to ketamine three weeks prior to his arrest.

Campbell admitted to the possession of two prohibited defensive weapons, two offences for the possession of drugs with intent to supply and the possession of ecstasy and mephedrone for personal use. Claiming to have been supplying what he thought were ‘legal highs’, Campbell started drug dealing after a friend told him that the sale of Class C drugs was not illegal.

According to his barrister, Timothy Bubb, Campbell also ‘maintains the CS cannister came as a free gift when he ordered the stun gun’. As a result of these offences, Campbell will now be serving a minimum of five years in jail. Judge Paul Watson emphasised in court that the possession of such prohibited weapons is an “extremely serious offence.”  Campbell has received a five year sentencing for ordering the stun gun alone, which will be then followed by a concurrent eight month sentence for his possession of the CS spray can and further time for the drug offences. Mephedrone-Drug-001

Francesca Gardener

– News Writer