Elections: Live results

Welcome to our live coverage of the results from the SU elections. Please note we are updating this page live, as the results are released, and as such there may be a few very minor errors. Rest assured that these will be identified and corrected as soon as possible.

As Elliot explained on stage, the voting system is a little bit complicated. The results we have posted here show the total votes each candidate received, without exclusions. ‘R.O.N.’ means ‘reopen nominations’.

The results are in

Thank you for joining us here on Gair Rhydd Digital for these live results. Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. Later, here on, we’ll have our full write up of the ceremony including some words from the new elected officers.

SU President: Claire Blakeway



VP Welfare: Kate Delaney

VP Welfare


VP Societies: Hannah Sterritt

VP Societies


VP Heath Park Campus: Katey Beggan

VP Heath


VP Education: Sophie Timbers

VP Education


VP Sport and AU: Sam Parsons

VP AU Sport


VP Postgraduate: Katie Kelly

VP Postgrad


Women’s Officer: Rachel Melhuish



Welsh Language: Steffan Jones

Welsh Language Officer


Students with Disabilities: Diana Isajeva



LGBT+ (Women): Ellie Utley

LGBT Womens


LGBT+ (Open): Jack Meldrum



International Students’ Officer: Grace Piddington



Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer: Raviina Vijayanandam

Black and Minorities


Student Senate Chair: Bryn Griffiths

Senate Chair


NUS Wales Delegates: Ahmed Laajam, Leah Hibbs, Jennifer Owen

NUS Wales

As there are three NUS Wales delegates, the top three pollers have won this election.

Candidates’ Awards

Before we get to the results of the election, first we’re opening with candidates’ awards:

  • Duracell Bunny award: Nick Rothera
  • Steven Spielberg award: Eliza Walwyn-Jones
  • Richard Branson award: Kate Delaney
  • Zuckerberg award: Jennifer Owen
  • Glee award: Olivier van den Bent-Kelly
  • Gift of the Gab award: Will McLoughlin
  • Sidekick award: Sarah Johnson
  • Candidates’ candidate: Nadine Dahan