Enriching student life awards

There is an opportunity for students to nominate a member of staff who stand out for some reason. Perhaps you have a particularly inspiring lecturer with inventive teaching skills, or you’ve found the administration staff have been there for you during an hour of need. Maybe even a receptionist has consistently brightened your day or a member of security has looked after you.

There are a set of ten special awards up for grabs so nominate the staff who deserve them most. They will be judged by a panel made up of students, SU staff and university staff. The criteria include the level to which the student experience has been enhanced by the member of staff, the amount of students affected by the staff member and the time that the staff member has put into enhancing the student experience.

There are ten categories for nomination. The award for Personal Tutor of the Year is for a personal tutor who has gone above and beyond to help their students, perhaps by going an unexpected mile to guide them through their time at university. The Most Effective Teacher award is for a lecturer that makes even the hardest of modules easy to understand and takes extra time to explain things or adjusts their teaching styles to ensure their students fully understand. The Most Uplifting Staff Member award will go to a member of academic or non-academic staff who is always able to cheer you up, give encouragement and be guaranteed to put a smile on your face – even on a Monday at 9am. The award for Employability is for an outstanding member of staff who gone above and beyond to increase your employability with opportunities for students to improve, such as giving lectures on careers or facilitating a meeting with employers for students to talk to. There is also an award for the Student Rep Coordinator of the Year, for a member of staff who has always strived to make Student-Staff Panels in their school work as effectively as possible. Perhaps they always make sure papers are ready or attendees are there on time – nominate them for this award.

Some of the categories are exclusive to students, like the Student Academic Rep of the Year. This award is split into three sub-categories – one for the college of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, the college of Biomedical and Life Sciences and the final one for the college of Physical and Life Sciences. These are for the most effective student academic rep from each college who have been excellent at representing their students, or perhaps made a great change that many people are benefitting from. The winners of each sub-category will become the finalists for the Cardiff University Student Academic Rep of the Year award.

The big student award if the Honour Roll award, for a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the student experience across the university. They have created a positive impact on their fellow students of the wider community, showing commitment, passion and motivation throughout their university life – devoting their time, effort and unequivocal commitment to a cause external to their studies and therefore created a positive impact on their fellow students or the wider community. Perhaps they are a dedicated member of a club or society, volunteer for an external organisation or significantly contributed to the community around them. The winner will also be chosen by trustees from the SU and senior members of university staff.

Nominations for the Honour Roll close on 21st March at 5pm. To nominate someone for this award or for any of the staff awards visit

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