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Express yourself at Cardiff’s contemporary dance society

Expression is a friendly contemporary dance society at Cardiff University. We love to dance together in a relaxed environment where people of all abilities can join in. We run two different classes each week; one for those with less experience in contemporary dance and one which is slightly more intense for more advanced dancers. In each of our classes we try different exercises to improve our skill and technique and we also provide opportunities for various people within the society to choreograph dances.

We like to try and keep variety in our dance styles and we encourage people to include their own individuality in their choreography, a real benefit of allowing lots of different people to teach sections of the classes. We also run a fitness and flexibility class each week to ensure that we’re in good shape! We have lots of opportunities to compete and perform, often all over the UK which is always very exciting. We often collaborate with other societies and put on charity events and performances. We encourage all of our dancers, regardless on their ability, to get involved in these performances as they are a really valuable experience and really help us bond as a society. Throughout the year we try and find other events to improve our dancing, such as professional workshops and even a trip to London for a dance exhibition called Move It! These are always loads of fun and give us fresh ideas to bring back and include in our own choreography.

We, in Expression, think it’s really important to build friendships with the people we see each week to dance with and so we invest lots of time in the social aspect of the society. As well as lots of fun, themed night outs, we love to go and see shows at the theatre and have movie nights (with lots of pizza) to hang out outside class and get to know each other better. We are even going away on tour together this year, joining the other dance society and other sporting clubs to have a week in Spain, enjoying the sun and each others’ company. It’s so important to feel comfortable around the people you’re dancing with and that’s why we think the social side is as important as the dancing itself. We keep everyone connected through our social media sites, not only allowing people to chat with their fellow dancers but also giving important information about our classes and socials. It also provides us with a space to upload videos of the dances being taught in class so people can refresh their memories and practice before they come back the following week.

The society is run and organised by a committee of students at Cardiff University. Students could put themselves forward for the role they wished to do and elections were held for the rest of the society to vote. The committee is committed to going to as many classes as possible and running them to a high standard, ensuring that what is being taught is good quality and that everybody is happy. We love being able to provide students with an opportunity to express themselves through dance.

Expression is such a great society to be part of, you get the opportunity to meet so many different types of people and mostly we love dancing together. All the members are really down to earth, giving it a really enjoyable atmosphere. We are looking forward to all the the different opportunities we have this year and the chance to explore new events and competitions.

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