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Film Society: The laughs and thrills are all better shared!

In a world where you no longer have to leave your front door to find an inexhaustible supply of films it is a wonder why on earth students from Cardiff University trek outside to meet and watch films every Monday. After being in the society for three years I have realised there is a lot to be said for watching films together, the laughs and thrills are always better shared. The moment after the credits roll, a buzz of conversation fills the room, a hive of opinions that are not always agreed on.

We are always trying to reach a wider audience and would love to hear from any societies which would like to get involved with us as. In December we are planning a screening of a silent film with a live score from Cardiff’s very own Jazz Society! Only last week we collaborated with Student Minds for a charity screening of ‘Girl, Interrupted’ for the final screening of our True Story Month. The power of films to reach a wide audience is part of their charm, which is why we try and show a big variation in what we watch having a different theme each month.

This is only part of what we do though, Diff Films is our very own crew of filmmakers who have previously won awards for our short films and have successfully collaborated with other societies, such as Snow Sports, to make montages of them in action. We meet every Thursday to work on new projects. We have a great crew full of experienced filmmakers and novices who work together on a diverse range of projects and get to make some great friends in the process. Throughout the year we also run special events, such as our 48 Hour Film Challenge where different teams fought against each other to make the best short film in the time constraint. There were only two rules, it had to include a vegetable and two titles from Bond films…the results are available for your eyes only on our Facebook page.

Striving to make watching films a way to let film lovers bond, we are keen believers that we shouldn’t only meet in silence in dark rooms, to enjoy films most you have to get out of the cinema sometimes. That’s why we offer film festival trips around the world, with the Berlin Film Festival last year and London Film Festival only two months ago. The trips offer an immersive experience, with talks from the cast and directors of the films, and one member’s claim to fame now being that she tripped over Maisie Williams. Closer to home we also go on regular cinema trips for when you need to see that film your housemates refuse to go to! These trips are often discounted for members, so you can enjoy the films you love while making that student loan stretch further.

We love seeing new faces, so if you think Film Society might be for you check out the Film Society and Diff Films Facebook pages to keep update with all our events! Because films should always be watched together, that’s the true meaning of Netflix and chill…right?

– Jessica Jones, Special Events Secretary for Film Society

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