Freshers well beaten ahead of main event

Cardiff ……………………………….7

Swansea ……………………………24

Swansea showed their desire early on in the freshers’ rugby Welsh Varsity game at Pontcanna by starting very strongly.

After only nine minutes had been played, the pressure paid off as Swansea were awarded a penalty due to Cardiff using their hands in the ruck. Sam Guttridge’s first effort of the game was then successful to make the early score 3-0.

With points on the board, Swansea were quick to haul themselves back inside Cardiff’s 22 and the hosts soon gave away another penalty for failing to release the ball. This allowed centre Guttridge to score again and double Swansea’s advantage to 6-0.

As the visitors kicked off, Cardiff quickly charged the kick, which led to a try for Cardiff hooker Harry Freeman. Captain Lewis Molloy successfully converted for another two points, giving Cardiff the lead with the score at 7-6.

However, Cardiff’s lead did not last long as they gave away a succession of penalties, providing Swansea field position to attack in Cardiff’s half.

On 31 minutes, Swansea chipped the ball ahead and the tension rose once more. They regained the kick but the ball ran dead as Cardiff’s Nathan Blakey put a big hit into the Swansea number 15, James Phillips.

After a scuffle, Swansea turned the ball over in the scrum. Their domination allowed them to drive Cardiff back into their own half, and fly half Ben Brackenridge scored Swansea’s first try to give them the lead. A successful conversion by Guttridge followed, taking the score to 13-7.

Three minutes later, Swansea forced Cardiff into their own half once more, and Phillips crossed the line to score a try. With Guttridge finally missing a kick, the score remained at 18-7.

At the start of the second half, both teams showed determination to put points on the board. However, Cardiff infringed twice more, allowing Swansea to extend their lead to 24-7.

Swansea continued to dominate, particularly in the scrum, as Cardiff were nowhere to be seen in the second half.

Number eight Dave Jones was Cardiff’s standout player, performing well throughout the game and providing his team with a determined, strong ball carrier as he consistently broke the gain line and set a platform for Cardiff to build their attacks.

Lauren Davies

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