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There are loads of great ways to get involved with gair rhydd; the easiest is to join our Facebook group ‘Gair Rhydd Contributors 2016/17‘ where editors post weekly about available articles and opportunities. You are also welcome to come along to our team meetings and pitch ideas of your own. Check back here soon for our latest meeting schedule!



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  • I have written an article underlining 5 ways that nanoscience is paving the way for future technology and healthcare while attempting to keep it accessible by linking it to sci-fi pop culture. I thought you might be interested in republishing my article! I really love your site and was hoping it would be right down your alley!!!

    I was a member of student media last year! I was head of DJ at xpress! And I am still at cardiff – this is work (nanoscience as awhole) that we do in cardiff!

  • Please sir can you write an articleon your magazine about work the charity anthonynolan does insaving peoples lives from blood cancers like leukaemia