Glass bottles thrown into Cardiff nursery

Nazareth House Nursery has been finding glass bottles in their nursery gardens, the likes of which pose a very serious risk to the children who play there during the day.

Recently a broken vodka bottle (pictured) was found in their side garden after having been thrown over the wall. This resulted in part of the garden being closed off until it was deemed safe to re-open.

The nursery is situated on the corner of Colum Road and North Road, with some children who attend being less than two years old.

Misty Ardouin, the nursery manager, has said in an email that: ‘We have had many problems in the past with alcohol bottles being found in the Nursery garden and it is usually around this time of year it starts to become more frequent.’

She went on to highlight how the issue has impacted the daily routine of the nursery. ‘Each morning we have to do a sweep of our outside grounds to check for things like this. There were also bits of glass found in the same area [as the bottle] which, as I’m sure you can imagine, are very hard to find in grass.’

Ardouin did acknowledge that the problem may not be due to the actions of students, and that any member of the public could be responsible. However as the nursery is based in an area populated heavily by students, Nazareth House have said that they would be grateful if those who pass by on a night out do not throw bottles over the wall onto their property.

James Griffiths