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Your VP Societies Hannah Sterritt on what you can expect in the coming year

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah, your Vice President Societies at the Students’ Union. My job is to support you as students to join and run societies and student led services.

There are currently 202 societies affiliated to the umbrella called the Guild of Societies. The first opportunity to meet all of these societies is on the 21st and 22nd September between 12-6pm where different societies will be represented each day.

Joining a society (or four) was one of the best decisions I made at uni so I highly recommend getting involved as there is something here for everyone – plus, if there isn’t, there is support from the Students’ Union to start one up in your interests.

I’ve always found it’s easier to join too much and cut back rather than regret joining anything – remember you don’t just have to be a Fresher to join something new!

So far I’ve been in the job since the beginning of summer. Plans are going well for the rest of the year and we’ve already got a new logo for the Guild, extensive Freshers’ plans and several new society collaboration activities in the pipeline.

In addition, based on feedback from last year I’ve been improving small aspects to make societies more accessible and smoothly run alongside bigger projects surrounding employability based on skills learnt in societies.

Big events to look forward to being reported on in this section throughout the year include the Winter Showcase, Cardiff Fringe Festival and Go Global, all established events displaying the brilliance of our performance and artistic, activity and international based societies. The highlight of the year is in May when the Societies Ball celebrates and awards the amazing things that have happened throughout the year – but perhaps that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves just yet!

The Activities department can be found on the 3rd floor of the Students’ Union, so if you have any queries feel free to pop in for a chat. Otherwise email me at vpsocieties@cardiff.ac.uk – I look forward to a brilliant year!

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