Hot Streak: Hockey ‘lads’ run wild in library

Last week a number of male members of the Cardiff University Hockey club interrupted studying students when they ran through the Julian Hodge study centre naked.

YouTube clip attached below (for now – will likely be removed by YouTube in the near future).

In a video posted on The Tab Cardiff members of the club, who were reportedly celebrating a win, can be seen running naked around desks in the 24-hour study space shouting “let’s go fucking bonkers”. The video was filmed by a master’s student who wanted to “share [the event] with his friends”. The incident took place at approximately 10pm.

A student who was studying in the Julian Hodge at the time of the incident, said: “I was quite cross that people were disrupting my studies, it’s a difficult time of year.” “I looked up and I couldn’t believe my eyes – these guys were stark naked.” “Anything else and I’d be annoyed but in this instance you have to laugh.” The student reported that the whole event was over relatively quickly and before exiting one of the individuals shouted “thank you, thank you. Sorry everyone”.

This incident comes just weeks after Gair Rhydd reported that the Julian Hodge centre was subject to a number of incidents of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ by students over the January exam period. Incidents included students consuming alcohol in the study centre, littering workspaces and making excessive noise.