I’m on steroids, get me out of here!

Is body image really that important? As we saw this weekend, Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews left the Australian jungle after just a few days. The reason: his steroid addiction prior to his entrance to the jungle in order to “bulk up” for a charity boxing match, which ironically, didn’t end up happening. The Made in Chelsea star spoke to The Independent, “Vanity, I suppose, had been the reason for wanting to bulk up a bit for the fight. I had intended to come off the pills gradually, but there was no time to do this before I reached the jungle.”

As we can see this is a clear body image issue, but sadly one which comes with particular threats, as the Australian medical team deemed it unsafe for Matthews to remain in the jungle for longer than the few days he was present. Matthews later commented saying, “Taking these pills was a serious error of judgment, which I hugely regret”

Especially amongst young men, there seems to be a craze around the use of supplements or steroids to give them a better look, attempting to gain a toned physique. It is plainly obvious that these cases are simply due to vanity. You see in many gyms across the country, and world, young men staring at themselves in the mirror, attempting to “bulk up”, using the words of Matthews, to reach an unrealistic body image that they feel proud of. The problem is that the body image many pursue requires a huge amount of dedication to achieve. The use of steroids is a chance to aid those in its pursuit, and a form of cutting corners. This can be argued to be the result of a combination of both vanity and bad choices. Those pursuing this look are clearly following some sort of aesthetical goal, thus being a clear sign of vanity. A poor choice, in the case of Matthews, which both contributed to his early exit from the jungle. However, there are safer supplements available, such as protein shakes which stand less chance of posing a risk to your health and well- being.

The general pursuit of fitness is not a dangerous thing. On the contrary, it is encouraged heavily, even by myself. It is when it is taken too far that it can become hazardous. There is a line between healthy and “too big”, one which is often crossed by those who encourage the use of steroids. An extreme example can be Youtube star Rich Piana, who has gained a following of people attempting to look just like him. Sadly, he is only one of thousands out there that encourage the use of dangerous substances for pure vanity. In the end though, it is clear that these choices to use steroids are both a foolish decision and ultimately linked to vanity.