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Incidentally, summer weather, summer plans, summer’s here!

gair rhydd’s columnist Daisy Esther Payne asks “is summer finally here?”, but hopes not to jinx it.

Well hasn’t the weather been glorious? The boys have all been swaggering around in their Joey Essex short shorts and all the girls have been sporting the hot pant; to be worn when you are hot, and they are often much smaller than one might consider a pant to be, on average.

All this warm weather means a lot of bare skin, a lot of pale skin and of course, the BBQ.

I love BBQs. I love everything involving food. You cannot beat a good sausage, nor can you beat a hot dog. I too, am a massive fan of potato salad and just salad in general. (Don’t faint.) What I don’t like much though, is the way that as soon as the sun comes out, disposable barbecues are everywhere and then we all just jinx the whole thing. If we could all just keep a little more calm in this weather, wouldn’t that be great? Isn’t it such a joy to be British?

So literally everyone’s been having barbecues, everyone’s been sunbathing, many of us have burnt because we don’t have our mums to watch over us to make sure that we actually wear sunscreen. I, having considered it as an option went to buy some, then saw the price, and I put it down and walked out of the shop. I’m not spending £12 on suncream! That’s like a whole week of shopping from Lidl. Or at least two bottles of wine. No thanks. I’ll spend my money on anything but protecting my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. I then paid the price for my decision: Yesterday, my shoulders were like two large tomatoes attached to my arms: red and raw. Ouch!

We love the hot weather though don’t we. We embrace the hot weather because it is so very rare – especially in Wales, where it seems to rain every day at random points throughout the day. Every day.

So of course, we are rightly making the most of the weather. As we should. I really feel for you if you’re reading this as a part of your light relief from revision. If you still have exams, ouch. That really isn’t fair, but keep going. It’s not very long until you’ll be sunning yourself at home, and all will be right by the world. I am a very lucky girl, in that I finished everything a week or so ago and I’ve been doing very little since… Apart from burning up and watching videos on youtube.

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, trying to pull myself together, begging people to join with me in making summer plans. So far, I have been unsuccessful. Summer plans are always a sticking point with me. I’m both allergic and lazy when it comes to making any sort of plan. Although it is good to have things in the diary, I find that if I have too much planned, I end up getting more lazy and doing none of it whatsoever. In life, sometimes it pays to live for the moment, to be a little spontaneous.

So while some of you all still have exams, some of us actually feel strangely lost without our degrees to keep us occupied. Yes. It’s true, I actually found myself longing for something academic to do the other day. Although the feeling was brief and fleeting, I felt it. I actually wanted to do some work. It even led me to organising something that is, as I understand, called ‘work experience’. The work experience I organised has meant that I have been following the olympic torch around the west country and it’s turned out to be really darn good.

So far this week, I’ve actually seen the torch a few times. It’s been great. I’ve felt like an olympian. Shame about the physique. I even met one olympian, he was called Jason Gardener and he was nice. I also saw Drogba as he lit his torch and ran through the lovely town of Swindon. ‘Oh shut up, it’s alright for you’ – I hear you cry. But I actually have a point to make. Not only have I learnt a load of awesome stuff this week, I’ve also learnt that I wouldn’t have done such cool stuff had I not made such plans. The wonderful scenes that I have seen this week have been amazing, for example in Swindon there were over 15,000 people just to see the torch lit; seriously great Olympic spirit. Turns out, when you plan things, you have a really good time and great things happen. I mean, the whole torch thing, with it travelling the whole length and breadth of the country – that takes meticulous planning and it sure as hell has been amazing for everyone involved.

So, this summer whether you have a diary packed full of events and holidays and awesome fun stuff that you will post on Facebook and make all of the lazy, allergic to plans people jealous of, or, if you’re a play it by ear kind of person, with little desire to get things planned, I hope you have a great summer. Whatever it is that you do.

I’m going to throw in the classic end of term clichés now: ‘cannot believe how fast this year has gone’, ‘so weird to think how much has happened this year’ etc, etc. It has been a cracking year, I hope you all have a lovely summer, plans or no plans. If you’re finishing up at Cardiff, good luck with your general life ahead of you, I believe it’s called reality, so good luck with it.

If you’re back next year – remember all those things you’ve been saying to yourself while essay writing and revising, about ‘working harder next year’, and not leaving it all to the last minute. And remember, by the time this time next year comes around, you’ll probably be doing it all again, just the same. That is, of course, unless you make plans to change it.

Have a good one and be good. I’m fairly sure the summer of 2012 is going to be fairly exciting…

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