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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Cardiff Law School invites all students and members of the public to their second annual Innocence Week. All week the students, staff and members of the public will be concentrating on educating and raising awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions.

There will be a specific focus on the work done by the Law School Innocence Project, the progress they have made and the problems faced. Sophia Daw gives us the lowdown on the events running this week: “On Monday 20th February there will be a Law Netball v Law Football Netball Match from 5.30pm in the Talybont Sport Centre. On Tuesday 21st February there will be an introductory presentation (for first year Law Students only) between 1.10pm and 2.00pm in room 0.22 of the Law Building.

There will also be a “Justice for Appeals” talk with Sion Jenkins & Laurie Elks. Laurie Elks, former CCRC Commissioner, and Sion Jenkins, a high-profile miscarriage of justice victim, discuss their own experiences of the appeal system and their suggestions towards the “reform debate”. Members of the audience are invited to seek the views of our guest speakers on diverse issues. This will be between 6.30pm and 8.00pm in the same room. Thursday 23rd  (at 6.30pm in room 1.30 of the Law Building) we have a “ Sex Offender? A Former Prisoner Outlines his 15-year Battle for Justice” talk. This evening’s speaker invites you to make up your own minds about this. Please note that parts of this presentation will describe, in explicit detail, allegations of sexual abuse. Some people may find this offensive. Come along to our events and find out about the Innocent Project.”

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