Interview with a suspect: was the TV appearance of Gable Totsee insensitive?

Police line (source: Tony Webster via flickr)

By Emily Murray

Channel Nine aired a 60-minute interview on 13th November with Gable Tostee, an Australian man, whose tinder date Warriena Wright was pushed to commit suicide by jumping off of his 14-foot high Gold Coast apartment balcony in August 2014.

When the date turned sour Tostee locked Wright outside on to his balcony. Family and friends say that Wright felt that she had no choice but to jump because of the violence that Tostee showed towards her.

Only weeks after Tostee was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter, Australia’s 60 Minutes show on Channel Nine announced their interview with the acquitted Australian.

The interview aired on 13th November, in which the 30-year-old seems entirely devoid of remorse and un-phased by the questions put to him.

They play back the tape which Tostee recorded of the night where the girls audible screams can be heard sending chills down the audience’s spine.

Tostee claimed that he would often record nights like this – a habit of a man whose inclination for sadomasichism suggests a weak defence in light of evidence such as this. The carpet layer admits, “I used to go out quite a lot drinking” following this statement by “I don’t have the best memory when I drink.”

On the tape Tostee can be heard saying “You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony you goddamn psycho little b****.”

Most people, I would argue, would immediately call the police if they saw something out of the ordinary happen. Not Tostee. His first point of call was a lawyer. A not guilty man has nothing to worry about, so why would he immediately seek a defense lawyer as soon as Ms. Wright is dead?

Defending his course of action Tostee claims, ‘Nobody is trained for a situation like this’ but I beg to differ. From childhood we have it imbedded in our heads that if something bad happens we should immediately call the police. But to Tostee he believes that, “there is no right or wrong way to proceed from there.” In that situation to not call the police seems to me to show a man of a calculated nature, more interested in getting himself out of blame than seeing to Ms. Wright.

What makes this night and his course of action even more chilling is that he had had sex with Wright just before he forced her onto his balcony, and went to buy pizza just after the incident happened.

“What had happened had happened, and there’s nothing an ambulance could do to change that”

The lack of remorse he feels towards the girl speak volumes through his actions on the night of her death, emphasised more now in his cold, almost bored manner in the Channel Nine interview. He even tries to defend himself when asked if he could understand why people believe him to be cold and heartless, retorting, “the media can make people think what the media wants people to think”.

The interview is played out like a blockbuster, insensitive to the families affected by the case in turning what should be a very serious and unembellished interview into an entertainment show with dramatic sound affects.

Reflecting so soon after a case that is so distressing for Wright’s family seems disrespectful to say the least. But to pay Tostee $150,000 to sit there and provide not one word of comfort to the families affected by Ms. Wright’s death is an outrage. Whether he is guilty of not the fact remains that had Tostee not locked the New Zealander out onto his balcony she would not have jumped.

Social media cried out at the interview, with an uproar on twitter.

The South Australian Labour treasurer Tom Koutsantonis tweeted: “I can only imagine the horror Warriena’s family is experiencing having their little girls last moments broadcast for money by ‪#GableTostee

@Tank999 tweeted: “Did anyone establish what was in ‪#GableTostee‘s “Home made Vodka”?? Perhaps that would explain ‪#WarrienaWright‘s “strange” behaviour”

@Burgers61 tweeted: “How many people have a lawyer in their contacts on their phone? ‪#GableTostee ‪#60mins

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