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It’s not too late to join Fitness And Dance!

FAD is a commercial dance society, a style of dance which is very current that you will see in many recent music videos and performances. FAD stands for fitness and dance, a title that demonstrates that you can have fun and get fit at the same time in our classes.

We carry out classes for dancers of all capabilities. Our beginners class is perfect for those with little previous dancing experience, or for anyone who isn’t yet confident with their ability as a dancer. The class is very relaxed with simple moves to well-known chart songs that anyone can join in with and have fun to!

The next class is at an intermediate level, which tends to be popular for any dancers who haven’t had any experience for a long time, as it is somewhere between the levels of beginners and advanced.

For more serious dancers, advanced level is more suitable as they are at a quicker pace! At the beginning of each year, a group of dancers is picked from advanced to form Troupe, who take part in competitions and performances throughout the year, including Journeys, Manchester University dance competition and Dance Varsity.

Every member of FAD is given the opportunity to perform what they have learnt in classes. This term we will be taking part in the Winter Showcase on the 9th December, an evening where dance and performance societies get together to give a show of everything they have been working on for the term. A similar night takes place in the spring term at the Fringe Festival.

Come along and see which level suits you best! We are holding mid-term Give It A Go sessions on Wednesday 4th November in Y Plas, where we will be starting new routines for the rest of the term, so it’s still not too late to start something new. Each class is an hour long; beginners at 2pm, intermediates at 3pm and advanced at 4pm. You will be able to try as many classes as you like to find which one fits your ability best, with each class costing only £1!

After that, classes will be held weekly every Wednesday at the same time from 2-5pm in Y Plas. A full membership of £20 covers one class a week for the rest of the year. A part-time membership is £5, and £1 must be paid for every class you attend, perfect for those who are unsure whether they will be able to make classes every week.

The social side of FAD is a great way to meet new people at university and will give you plenty of other opportunities. We hold socials every other week, which will have a fun fancy dress theme for you to get involved with! Socials start around 8:30pm on a Wednesday night, and are full of fun, games, drinks, socialising with friends and meeting new people. After a couple of hours we then move onto YOLO at Y Plas! We also have lots of fun non-alcoholic events, such as film nights, meals out and trips. Next term we will be visiting the Move It dance exhibition in London which is a fantastic opportunity!

We hope that we have encouraged many of you to come along to our Give It A Go sessions and convinced you it isn’t too late in the year to start something new!

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